FAMILY Program

Family program covers a principal payor and his dependents.

Eligibility Requirements:

- Any gainfully working person from 18 years old up to below 65 years of age as of last birthday may be enrolled as Principal member. The program shall have one or several qualified dependents.

- Enrolled dependent spouse and Parents must be below 65 years old as of last birthday.

- Enrolled dependent children must be 3 months up to below 21 years old as of last birthday.

-Hierarchy shall be strictly followed for FAMILY enrollees.

For married payors:

-He/She should enroll first his/her spouse and then eldest child, then second eldest and so on.

For single, payors:

- He/She should enroll first his/her mother, then father, and then eldest sibling and so on.

- Single Parents can only enroll his/her children, eldest child, then second eldest and so on.

- The enrollees are subject to medical underwriting.

- The principal member may or may not be a member of PhilHealth. However, the corresponding membership rates and those of their dependents shall be based on membership or non-membership in the PhilHealth Program.