A Comprehensive Healthcare Program that caters to Individual members that need healthcare coverage. Coverage includes Preventive Healthcare including Annual Physical Examination, Outpatient Care that includes any necessary consultations and laboratory procedures at any of the 20 FC-owned clinics nationwide, In-hospitalization Care, Emergency Room Care, Dental Care and Worldwide Emergency Care. This program also boasts of supplemental benefits, namely: (1) Daily Hospitalization Income Benefit, (2) Personal Accident and Dismemberment Benefits worth P10,000 Face Amount, and (3) Financial Assistance of P10,000 in case of natural death.

Eligibility Requirements

- Any individual 3 months up to below 65 years of age who may be enrolled as an individual member.

- The Individual member is subject to medical underwriting.

- The principal member may or may not be a member of PhilHealth. However, the corresponding membership rates shall be based on membership or non-membership in the PhilHealth Program.