MediKit Card is the newest addition to Fortune CARE’s product line that taps its mass-based market by offering prepaid coupon-type healthcare benefits consisting of five (5) variants - Trio, Doctor Care, Basic Annual Physical Examination, Basic Annual Physical Examination with Doctor Care and Expanded Annual Physical Examination.

Medikit Card Variants:

(a)Trio (P350) - consists of three-time consultation with Primary Care Physicians.

(b) Doctor Care (P750) - any medically necessary consultations at any Fortune CARE Clinic for one year

(c) Basic Annual Physical Examination (P375) - provides Annual Physical Examinations consisting of Medical History Taking, Urinalysis, Fecalysis, Chest X-ray and Complete Blood Count (CBC)

(d) Basic Annual Physical Examination with Doctor Care (P1,050) - offers laboratory and diagnostic examination with an added feature of reasonable number of medically necessary consultations for follow-up about your health for 12 months

(e) Expanded Annual Physical Examination (P2,050) - provides thorough medical examination by adding more blood examinations to the Basic APE package.

Aside from these, MediKit also provides P10,000 worth of financial assistance in case of the cardholder’s death due to accident (from variants 2 to 5 only).